The Power Cuts Off Then Back On

May 9, 2011

This is not a ghost story but still eery/unexplainable nonetheless.

I distinctly remember back in 2003, one night I was sound asleep and just jolted awake for what I thought was no reason. I look at my alarm clock to see what time it was and not two seconds later, the power cuts off then back on. So now the clocks flashing 12:00. I sit upright wondering what are the odds that I’d wake up just before something like that? Just then outside my window, just behind the nightstand that has the alarm clock, I see a super bright light (like stadium lighting) kind of slowly pulsing. I remember asking myself “am I dreaming this?” And stood up. I was definitely awake. I ran out of my room and down the stairs to the first floor to open the front door and look outside. I swing open the storm door and just then the light flashes kind of like a camera flash and vanishes. I have never felt terror like that before. For the next few days I kept checking the news to see if anything happened that could explain it….’Til this day I have NO earthly idea what the hell it was.

– Posted by Tigggy; Fark

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