The People In His Room

May 9, 2011

Last year we bought our first house. Everything was ok at first, I don’t remember anything spooky. I’m sure anything weird we just attributed to getting used to the sounds and sights of this new place.

A few months after living there, my 2 year old wakes up in the middle of the night calling for us. We were still up, so I left the living room and went to check on him and get him back to sleep.

He was upset by “the people” in his room and wanted me to hold him. I get pretty easily freaked out, but I had to be dad and get the kid backed to bed without much lasting emotional damage, so I playfully start asking about the people – like how many, what they look like, and so on.

Soon, I ask where they are and he just glances for a second at the corner of the room and then back to me, eyes wide and panicky. So, to make sure, I pointed at the corner and said, “There?”

He grabbed the finger I was pointing with and pushed it down so quickly it scared me and yelled “Don’t!” I did it a couple more times, not tormenting the kid, I just didn’t understand what was going on. And each time he got very angry and upset, and more scared as he grabbed my hand and yelled “Stop daddy!” or “No no no no no…”

I finally told him, speaking loudly and clearly that there couldn’t be anyone else in the house except him, me, Mommy, and his little brother. And if anyone else WAS in the house, they didn’t belong and needed to get out and never ever come back. By the time I finished I was yelling.

As soon as I was done speaking, the lights in the house all flickered and we heard the loudest BANG I have ever heard – like a gunshot – come from our back door down the hall.

He’s never said he’s seen them again, but he still remembers, and I definitely do too. Sometimes on the way to bed he still asks, almost 2 years later, if the people will be there.

– Posted by JimG521; Fark

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