The Airplane’s Propeller Start To Wind Up

May 9, 2011

My brother died 3 years before my daughter was born. When my kiddo was about 2 we moved into this really small 2 bedroom campus apartment in January. The rooms were right next to each other and the walls were super thin. She had gotten this old airplane that was his for X-mas, it’s copper and you wind the propeller and it plays music. We get her room all set up and I put the the airplane on this shelf on the wall that she couldn’t reach without some serious climbing (which wasn’t unusual for her) Later that night, we’re getting ready to go asleep and all of a sudden I hear that airplane’s propeller start to wind up and I get up out of bed to get her off of what ever she had climbed on to wind the plane. Well, when I got to her bedroom door, she was still in bed under the covers and by then the plane is wound and starts playing music. I listen to it for a couple of seconds and then I hear her say “Night night uncle Brad…I love you too.” That damn airplane still winds up and plays sometimes and she still tells him good night and that she loves him – she’s 7 now.

The other one is probably just overacting imagination, but I’ll still tell it. One night when the kiddo was 3, I was at home alone with her because my ex-husband had gone out with some friends. Well, I decided to watch the first Saw because I wanted to see it and he had already watched it by himself. Anyway, I get finished with the movie, turn off the TV, check on the kiddo and hit the hay. I’d probably been asleep for maybe an hour, when all of a sudden the bedroom door bangs open and this terrified 3 year old jumps in bed with me screaming….”There’s a man in my closet, there’s a man in my closet.” Well, after watching Saw, I just didn’t even go and look…locked the bedroom door and shoved the dresser in front of it. The ex was pissed when he got home….but he wouldn’t check the closet either!

– Posted by cmnsky; Fark


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