Standing Over Her, With Their Hands On Her Chest

May 9, 2011

I may have mentioned our haunted house once or twice. One year, when my oldest was about 12, my mother had come to visit and was sharing a bedroom with the 12 year old. She was awakened during the night by someone standing over her, with their hands on her chest. She gasped, thinking it was a real person, and they simply melted away.

She told me about this the next day, but didn’t tell the 12 year old so as not to upset her.

Two days later, Mom went home. That night, the 12 year old woke me up, shaking with fright. It seems that she’d woken up to find someone standing over her, and that they leaned down and put their hands through her chest.

Neither one of them has had a repeat experience, but I keep wondering about it.

– Posted by harmonyfb; ONTD_Creepy


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