Something Floating Over The Bed

May 9, 2011

My story is not as scary as it is awesome. My girlfriend at the time lived in an apartment in her parents basement. She was in this tiny room that was usually used as storage, but as a child this was the room that her grandmother lived in. This was unknown to me at the time of our encounter.

One night I had a dream of something floating over the bed, not in a menacing way but more in a maternal, I am checking on you way. I woke up very peacefully and noticed that my girlfriend was also awake. I said, “I just had the strangest dream and told her about it”. With a scared look on her face she recounted the same feeling of a person had been floating over the bed and checking on our well being. We had a brief conversation about it and went back to sleep. The next morning we were having breakfast with her parents and my girlfriend recounted the story to her as well. With a look of shock on her face, her mother told us that during the night she fell asleep watching television with a lit cigarette in her hand. As the cigarette was burning a whole into her comforter she had the same dream, only she knew it was her mother. She said her mother(the grandmother) said to her, “D, wake up,please wake up, wake up”. She said this went on for a few minutes before her mother became agitated that she wouldn’t wake up. Her last words to her, which actually prompted her to wake up was “I’m going to get the kids”. This final statement is what got her to wake up and realize that the cigarette was dangerously close to igniting the whole bed. I guess Grandma was serious cause she made her way down to us and woke us both up in the most gentle way possible, maybe to let us know of the impending doom.

I am not a cynic nor am I believer, but this is what really made me think twice about messages from beyond.

– Posted by sje1978; Fark


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