Smoking Man

May 9, 2011

My freshman year of college I was on the swim team. Every Saturday in the winter I’d need to be up at 5:45 to get on the bus to go to our swim meets.

One January morning when only athletes and a RAs were allowed on campus I woke up as I usually did, but expected to go back to bed due to a snow storm the night before.

I went outside to meet some of the ladies on the team that lived in the building next door. One of the girls asked why I got up early and left. I looked at her with a very confused look on my face. She explained that she saw a man outside the mail entrance of the building at 5:30 when she woke up. He was just standing there for a while. After she got dressed, she looked again, thinking it was me waiting for her. He was gone.

I told her that I just got up and had not yet been outside.

By now the other two ladies I’d walk with to meets and practices came out to meet us. One of them said she thought it was me as well. The third girl turned white and said she knew who we were talking about.

Her dorm room was right outside the main door, one level up. She explained to us that every once and a while at night she’d hear (along with her roommate) someone pacing outside. She asked if it was a man in a longer coat and fedora smoking a pipe. One girl (the first one I met)said she only saw a man standing there. The other one said that the person she saw did have a longer coat and men’s hat on.

The third girl said that it was the “Smoking Man” an apparition she has seen several times. The building was a female only dorm so no man would be standing outside. We dismissed what she said and walked over to the spot where the girls said they saw the guy.

No foot prints. Remember it had snowed the night before. We all looked at each other, said nothing and walked the several blocks to the bus, never speaking of it again.

Turns out part of the building was used as an on-campus infirmary during the 1918/1919 flu pandemic.

Later on that year I heard a girl in the say her roommate moved out all the sudden because she saw a man’s face on her wall.

– Posted by StevenSnell; Fark


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