She Is Neither Malevolent Nor Playful. She Just Is

May 9, 2011

Our office building is haunted. No special day of the year; no particular scary manifestations, but it is haunted nonetheless. I work in the Empire Building in Augusta, GA. It used to be the Empire Furniture building. Four stories, roughly 125 years old. It has an old spiral stairwell which goes up 3 stories, and an elevator, which goes to all four. My office is on the third floor.

Our ghost is a lady. She is neither malevolent nor playful. She just is. Once in a while, usually a couple of times a month, I will hear the door which communicates from the third floor to the stairwell close, before anybody else gets here. The sound is distinctive. The stairwell does not open to the outdoors, so it’s not an air current thing. Besides, it’s a steel fire door with a positive closer. That’s the limit of my experience with our lady. My co-worker from the second floor, who also gets here before sunrise, has seen her. He got here one morning, and saw a woman watching him out of the third floor window. He comes up to the third floor to see who has gotten to work so early, and not only is there nobody here, the lights aren’t even on. Other than that, she’s content to let us do our thing, and not raise a fuss.

– Posted by HAMMERTOE; Fark


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