Psst, Untie Me

May 9, 2011

I’ll share a story a fellow nursing student told me:

She used to work as a tech on the neuro floor. This was an older hospital, and the nursery used to be located on one half of the neuro floor. Patients in that half were always complaining about screaming and crying children. Always.

One night, while my friend was working, one of her patients in restraints whisphered “Psst, untie me. There’s a child next to me and she needs help. If you untie me, I can help her and she’ll stop staring at me”.

After a little back and forth, my friend thought she saw a glint out of the corner of her eye, like a glare off of a watch that went towards the door.

That’s when her patient said, “Go get her”.

– Posted by TheBean; NursingVoices


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