Playing With The Lady Upstairs

May 9, 2011

I have a couple, but all from the same place.

I went to an old New Hampshire prep school (est. 1813) to play hockey. The buildings for academics date to the beginning of the school, but many of the houses around the campus, and the few converted to dorms, were pre-revolutionary period homes. There was only one house on campus the school didn’t own, and a very elderly lady lived there. It was subsequently one of the oldest houses in area as well.

She didn’t like the school all that much, so in the event of her death, she would leave the house to her only son. Over Christmas break, there was a week where the average high was -20f. The heating in the house failed and she ended up freezing to death. Her son got the house per the will, but since he was in some financial trouble, sold the house to the school. It was subseqently renovated and turned into an admissions house.

A few months after they opened the house up in the spring, the head of alumni relations’ two kids were playing upstairs in the house (Ages 3 and 5)during a small gathering in the living room. The kids come wandering down the stairs laughing, and their dad asks them what they were doing…they respond they were playing with the lady upstairs. Dad goes upstairs, nobody there…

About a month after this incident, me and a friend of mine are walking on a path in between that same house and a dorm. The upstairs windows were aligned perfectly on both sides of the house, so you could see straight through it. It was dark, windy, and a little misty because a thunderstorm was coming. We could see a figure looking out the window on the opposite side of the house, but figured it was the custodial staff. We heard a noise and looked up the hill for it, but I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and when we looked back at the house there was a figure in the window with white hair starring at us. I ran as fast as I could to get into the nearest building away from that house. Later, we went to the library archives to find pictures of that house since it was now school property. When we saw a picture of that old lady, my blood ran cold, as it was the same figure we’d seen in the window. I had never known what the lady in that house looked like until that night, I still shiver thinking about the moment we saw her in the window.

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