Phantom Sex

May 9, 2011

Also, pretty sure I saw a ghost once at my old house in KC. I came home and opened the front door and there were no lights on in the house, just a little ambient light from outside illuminating the rooms. There in front of me about 8 feet away was a “darker than dark” silhouette of a man standing there. I gasped and turned around and exited the house. I said WTF and took a deep breath. I had to go back in, so I reopened the door and it was gone. Then a few weeks later my girlfriend (now wife) and I were sleeping in a room and heard a huge bang like a rock had crashed in thru a window in the room next to us. I opened the door to the room expecting some sort of damage, and nothing was to be found. That was weird.

And a funny ghost story of the same house is one night when the landlord was out of town we thought our friends were having sex all night. We heard moans and groans of passion… so the next morning we gave them sh*t about it. They thought we had been having sex all night. Sadly none of us had sex that night. That was weird too.

We moved out as soon as the lease was up.

– Posted by busy chillin’; Fark


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