Overwhelming Crushing Feeling That Something Is Very, Very Wrong

May 9, 2011

My now wife was contracted to a hospital in Memphis about 10 years ago, and was put up in a nice corporate apartment on Mud Island. I had a week off work, so went down to visit since I had never been to Memphis. I brought my PC along with me to keep occupied during the day and get some work done because there’s only so much to see down there.

At any rate, I have the PC setup on the kitchen table. It’s a beautiful sunny morning, windows open up on the second or third floor of this build. I’m surfing the web looking for some things to go do. I’m sitting with my back to the wall. To the right is the kitchenette, to the left is a blank white wall.

Out of nowhere I get this just bizarre feeling like something is really wrong…the closest I can come to describing it is once having been wakened by a minor earthquake in the middle of the night I just had no idea immediately what the fark was happening, but knew something wasn’t right and that it was highly unusual. Bad description, but I’ve never felt anything like this before or since and it’s the best I got. It was just an overwhelming, crushing feeling that something is very, very wrong.

Anyway, this feeling just hits me with a ton of bricks. I put both hands on the table after a few seconds to push my chair back so I can stand up. Out of the corner of my eye to the left where the blank white wall is I think I see something. I look over, and plain as farking day there is a kid standing right there, right up against the wall looking at me not 5 feet away. Blonde, and he’s in what looks like a suit or one of the school uniforms they used to make kids where back in the day.

I shot up so quick I hit the table full on so hard I tipped over my CRT monitor. I literally screamed like a biatch and stagger backwards into the kitchen and fall straight on my ass. I sit back up to keep crab walking back into the kitchen, and the farking thing was gone.

I grabbed my car keys and got the fark out without a second thought. No brave search, no inquiring minds need to know, I just fled. I called her on my cell in a panic and she met me outside her office. I was scared almost senseless over it and couldn’t even tell her the story at first.

I have no idea what it was…ghost, demon, my imagination, but I have absolutely no way to explain it. I never believed in the supernatural or gave it a second thought. I never watched much in the way of scary movies, and there was no stupid story I’d heard about the place being haunted or any of that crap. My wife had been there for months without anything odd going on. It was the middle of a sunny spring morning. I tried to sleep there that night and couldn’t, and said fark it and headed home the next day and I’ve never returned.

To this day I still can’t even begin to explain how bad the feeling was right before I looked to my left. It was absolutely horrible.

– Posted by Shrugging Atlas; Fark


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