No Smoking

May 9, 2011

I inherited a house that my great-great grandfather had bought the land as a young man and eventually built a huge house on the land. My great-grandfather and my grandmother (his daughter) were born in the house. My mother spent almost her whole childhood in that house. Twelve people had died in the house, including my mother – which was an odd situation in itself. My whole point is that there was HISTORY with a capital “H”.

I only spent vacations there growing up, but the house and everything in it always gave me the creeps. Then I inherited the whole thing – now I’m not saying that I believe in ghosts but this house, which I still own, is frightening. Let me tell you why:

I hired a plumber to fix the antique plumbing that runs through the attic – don’t ask, it’s a weird place. My grandmother, who in life was a cantankerous bitty – no other word for it – hated smoking, HATED IT. I left the plumber, who remembered my grandmother and had worked on the house before, to go about doing the plumbing stuff he had to do. I left the house to do errands, no one else was there.

When I got back about a half an hour later, he’s outside packing up his truck, I said, “where are you going?” Because he wasn’t done – it wasn’t possible. He told me that there was NO WAY he’d ever go into the house again, he was visibly shaking and his eyes kept darting over to the house. After a few minutes of me telling him I’d cancel the deposit check, I’d sue him – whatever, I was pissed. He finally told me what happened – he said that he lit up a cigarette in the attic and that he felt a cold rush of air behind his back (September in Florida…comeon?…cold air?) and heard my grandmother say, “there’s no smoking in my house, PUT IT OUT!”

If you’re sitting in the downstairs library you can hear things moving upstairs, you can hear footsteps, things being dragged – I wish I was kidding. We’ve sat downstairs with people who’ve never been there and watched their faces as they realize that no living person is upstairs. We don’t enhance the story or try to scare people because the bedrooms are upstairs. I tell them it’s the wind in the trees. Do I believe in ghosts? hmmm…I’ve never seen one. I’ve never felt afraid, just mildly creeped out. But when I’m not at the house, which is most of the time – I’m fairly sure it’s occupied by the previous tenants. And I’ll never sell it because where would they go?

– Posted by I_luvtheCIA ; Reddit


One comment

  1. WOW…What a story!

    So what happened?

    Did the plumber finish the work or no?

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