Long Flowing Jade Green Dress

May 9, 2011

I used to do a lot of mountain biking when I was in high school. In order to get to the trails I had to go though a large grave yard.
One such time I was headed out to the trails and happened to look up about 30 feet away from me to my right, standing in front of a marker was a woman with a long flowing jade green dress I looked at her for a few seconds, but then my bike gears starting acting up on my bike I looked down to see what they were doing and when I looked back up a couple of seconds later she was nowhere in site. I stopped my bike and looked around there were no cars, the nearest tree line was a good 200 feet away and there were no markers large enough for someone to hide behind, she was just gone…

– Posted by tedthebellhopp; Fark


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