I Heard Sobbing

May 9, 2011

I had a shivery incident happen to me the other week… We lost a resident that night (she was on hospice, it was expected) and as I went back down the hall that my office is on, I heard sobbing. I started opening resident doors but could not find the source, everyone was sleeping (it was about 4am). The last door I opened was one in which noone was assigned, and the room was empty. It didn’t seem as if the sobbing was coming from in there, but when I opened the door the sobbing sort of hiccupped and stopped. Noone was in the empty room, and I couldn’t find out where the sobbing was coming from… it hasn’t happened again though. The scariest part is that I mentioned it to a CNA who has been here for years and she said that she had the same thing happen to her twice, both times when we have had a resident die. I guess a spirit hangs around here and mourns when a resident passes away…

– Posted by LoriAlabamaRN; Allnurses

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