I Heard My Father Scream Out, “Dad!”

May 9, 2011

I remembered another appropriate one, but it happened to my father. In January 1983, his father, who had never been particularly healthy, had horrible emphysema at age 77 and was in the hospital w/pneumonia. One night, I heard my father scream out, “Dad!” I looked at the clock and it was almost 2am. I got out of bed to see what happened and my father rushed by me, went into the kitchen, and grabbed the phone. He dialed the phone in my grandfather’s room, but nobody answered. Then he called the nurse’s desk.

My grandfather had passed away just before 2am.

My father, who was NOT prone to stories, swore that he saw his father standing at the foot of his bed, saying goodbye.

– Posted by brigid_fitch; Fark


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