I Couldn’t Hear A Thing, But I Knew I Was Saying Something

May 9, 2011

In the early to mid 1990s, the aptly named East Village restaurant, Three of Cups, had a ghost. Yup. A ghost. As I was preparing to write this column, I emailed a friend who was a bartender in the restaurant around that time to see if he had any ghost sightings or experiences there. Not only did he not see the ghost, he was never apprised of the fact that one existed. So, I decided to pay a visit to the restaurant to see if the ghost still existed.

None of the current staff was aware of a ghost, but one guy claimed he had a couple of weird experiences when he worked at Whiskey Ward. He said one time a friend stopped by at the end of the night and brought his bicycle inside. While they sat at the bar, the bell on his bike started ringing. It was one of those lever types that needed to be physically pushed in order to ring.

While I was relating my story to other staff at the Cups, a busboy overheard me and came over and said though he had never seen an apparition, he had seen shadows in the basement and a few times he got a creepy feeling where the hair on his neck stood up. Other than that, no one upstairs or downstairs was aware of any spectral presence, either currently or historically.

Back then, I was in a band with my ex-girlfriend Lynne. The Three of Cups had just opened their basement bar and she was a bartender there.

She told me the staff warned her that if she ever heard footsteps coming from upstairs after the restaurant closed, not to worry. It was just a ghost. It was as matter of fact as that. She thought nothing of it until she started hearing them late at night, usually when she was closing.

One night she called me saying that she had seen the ghost, or rather he saw her. There is a stairway which leads from the restaurant down to the bar. At the bottom of the steps was a heavy curtain that was mostly closed, but which remained partly open.

She said she was closing up when she got the feeling of being watched. She looked over to the stairway and saw the ghost standing there watching her. He was tall and dressed in early 20th century garb with a black coat, white shirt and vest.

Lynne freaked and he disappeared. She quickly finished and beat it out of there. That was the last appearance of the ghost to her.

Some time went by and we had just mixed down a demo tape and I called her at work and said we should both listen to it. I went over there and brought the tape. The place was empty as it usually was back in those early days and she was closing up.

I handed her the tape and she popped it into the cassette player and turned her back to me and to continued cleaning up.

The tape was playing for about a minute, when all of a sudden, I felt really cold and couldn’t move. I was paralyzed. It was frightening. I couldn’t hear a thing, but I knew I was saying something. The way it felt was like something moved into me. The incident took just a few seconds. As the feeling moved out of me, I freaked out and at the same time Lynne spun around with a horrified look on her face and demanded to know, “What the f**k just happened?

I said I didn’t know and and explained what just happened to me. I asked what she heard and she said, “You screamed, ‘Turn that off!’ But it wasn’t your voice.”

We were both incredibly freaked. She said, “We’re getting out of here right now. I can come back and finish up tomorrow morning.”

We hightailed it out of there and that was the last time I went there and she left the job soon after.

Where did the ghost go? Did he finally take it on his spectral arches and haunt some other joint? Who knows? Either he left the premises or just has been keeping a low profile for the last decade.

You can believe it or not It happened. I have a witness.

– Posted by cybernia; Examiner


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