Have You Ever Killed A Man?

May 9, 2011

I am the farthest thing from what you would call a religious person and would usually have no interest in this kind of thing; however, last night my grandmother told me a story about the time her 2nd husband went into cardiac arrest and flat lined for a period of time. He was brought back to life shortly after but had quite the story to tell.

Keep in mind that my grandfather was not a religious man, at the very least he did not believe in any mainstream religions, all he did was carry some beads in his back pocket. His “afterlife” experience began with his life being shown to him from birth to death, three men then entered the “room” and explained to him that they have shown him his life as they were about to question him about his life, they told him not to lie as they will know if he is; the only question that they asked of him was

“Have you ever killed a man?”

He infact had and told them about the time he killed a man on the highway while he was a trucker, after answering the question they told my grandfather he was not ready to leave yet and they will come back for him once he is ready.

Prior to this my grandfather was angered by the fact that multiple churches exist in a town- “Why would there be more than one church/system of belief” He could not understand this and refused to support it for this reason. That is; until this happened. After this experience his mind set completely changed to something more along the lines of

“Who care what people believe? Let them believe it. Keep going to church. It doesn’t matter what you believe in; all you have to do is have faith and respect others.”

My grandmother also says that he would always be mumbling

“You must respect everyone; disrespect no one.”

He would say this even when no one was talking to him. My grandfather then went ahead to make amends with anyone he had ever wronged in his life. He told my grandmother and friends not to fear death and everything will be okay on the other side. Then one night he told my grandmother that he was going out to his best friends house when in actuality he checked himself into a hospital and did in-fact die that night.

I don’t know what to think of it….. nor do I agree that it supports any kind of religion or anything. I just want to hear your stories.

– Posted by Unknown; ONTD


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