Green Light Came Into The Room

May 9, 2011

My grandmother often tells me a story of how she was visited by a ghost in the middle of the night. This was about 40 years ago in a town called Seat Pleasant located in Maryland. At that time, it was a small town with middle class families living there. Now, it is a relatively dangerous area to live in.

Anyway, the neighborhood that they living in was pretty flat except for their house which happen to be on a very strange hill. It seemed very out of place and odd that there was such an enormouse hill surrounded by all flat lots for miles. (I suggested they lived on an old landfill.)

From her recollection it was the middle of the night and she woke up to use the bathroom. As she started to get out of bed she saw a really bright light coming from hallway under the bedroom door. She said the green light came into the room and started to surroound her. Her first response was to wake up my grandfather but she was frozen in fear. She has said she has never been that afraid ever in her life. Moments later she saw across the room her great aunt who had passed away telling her to stay in bed and she would protect her. Sitting there in shock, she watched her aunt move toward the door and a loud bang and the green light went out. She said at that moment she felt a weird sense of safety.

The funny thing is that she’s not a religious person at all. Even at the age of 74, being and old school Sicilian woman, she is agnostic. However…she believes 100% in ghosts. Every time i ask her to tell that story I get chills. I will never know whether it really happened or it was just a very vivid dream, but I know I don’t think I would want to see one if there were such a thing. I’m a pansy.

– Posted by Unknown ; ONTD_Creepy

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