Filthy Little Pig

May 9, 2011

Never have figured this one out. So one morning my wife and I are sitting at the breakfast table and our son (who was 8 at the time) comes in. His eyes are blood shot and he is rubbing them, I immediately think pink eye. I ask him if he is ok, he says he didn’t sleep well last night, but that he felt fine. I ask him why he wasn’t able to sleep and he said it was because he kept having the same dream over and over again about an man with tattoos who was yelling at him. I asked if he knew the man, he said no, I asked what he was yelling at him for, he says “he just kept calling me filthy little pig over and over again”. So I think this is a little odd, but sometimes dreams are just weird like that. Then my wife, whom I wasn’t really paying attention to asks in her “upset voice” what the man looked like. My son gives her a description. Her face goes white, and she walks out the room. My son thinks he made her mad, I tell him he didn’t do anything wrong and then I go and see what the hell is wrong with my wife. I find her in our bedroom shaking and crying (only the third time I had ever seen her cry). I ask what is going on. She just says “that was my dad”. I don’t understand and ask what she means (I never met her father, he died when she was a teenager, and she never ever speaks of him). She tells me that her father was verbally abusive when he drank (she had never told me any of this before), and that he would call her “a filthy little pig”. I tell her I understand how hearing that again would upset her, but then she says “no you don’t understand Justin described my dad exactly even the snake tattoos on his thumbs”. My son has only seen one picture of his grandfather and all you could see was his face.

– Posted by bigpapasmerf; Fark


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