Every Single Cabinet Door Was Open, Every Drawer Pulled Out

May 9, 2011

There was a rash of “activity” going on in my house at one point. (i attribute it to that phenomenon wherein teenagers make things happen. what’s it called?) Anyways during this year or so long period there were a few things that happened to me that totally freaked me out.

First: My brother (the teenager, i was 12 or so) had a late job and he often came home late at night, around 2am or so. Every night he’d wake me up so we could play video games and smoke and drink and do all the bads things i wasn’t suppose to. Anyways, one night, I woke up around 2ish, anticipating his arrival home, to a pitch black house. it seemed darker than normal. I heard some stirring in his room (which is across the stairwell from mine) but no lights on. After a minute, I hear his bedroom door swing open, a few footsteps on the landing (all in complete darkness, and mind you my brother isnt polite enough to walk into the house without turning on all the lights and stomping around) and watch in horror as my bedroom door creaks all the way open followed by two or three more footsteps towards the foot end of my bed. nothing was there. I layed frozen in place, wide awake for another hour until I heard my brother’s car come up the driveway….

Second: On several occasions I had been woken up by a very distinct tap on my forhead, like some on plucking me or hitting my with a finger right between the eyes, other nights i’d feel the end of my bed depress as if someone where sitting there

Third: every friday my mom would run “to town” to do errands and have lunch with my dad. she always left the house about 8am. it was summer so i was out of school and sleeping in. i opened my eyes about 10 or so in the morning and was laying in bed when i heard my moms voice distinctly yell for me, “Jason, get out of bed.” thinking something was up i jumped out of bed and ran down stairs, the house was empty, the cars were gone and on the table was a note from my mom saying something along the lines of “Jay, Went to Town, be home this afternoon. Love, mom” (i have a long straight view of my driveway, 200yds or so. i wouldve seen the car leaving from my bedroom window…)

fourth: one of the nights hanging out with my bro i ran down to the kitchen to get a drink (yes, i was high, but the shiat wasnt so good it made you hallucinate) and everything was normal. I get back up stairs and get the typical older brother harassment for not getting him a drink. So i set my glass down, walk back downstairs into the kitchen and every single cabinet door was open, every drawer pulled out, the ceiling fan on, the door to the back room open and the faucet was on. I freaked, called my brother down, and as he walks up beside me we sat and watched everything close itself, the fan stop and the water stopped.

/other things too, i’d hear mom calling from outside when she was in the living room, dad heard me and my brother calling his name when we werent home.
//wierd stuff
///just saying…

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  1. I am having a similer thing happen for the last couple of days or so late at night all my cabinets are open usually a drawer too and the “orphan closet” as my sister calls it would be open too and it has a little lock thing on it i want to get a video camra and record the night to see what happens at this current moment i dont know if my sister is pulling a prank or what my mom, moms friend, and sister all saw this happen and myself nothing accually moved id just come downstairs with every thing open…i am a little bit freaked out i wonder if it will happen tonight cause it did last night i went downstairs around 2:00 am and cabitnets and the “orphan closet” was open, other things has happened on other day plus some other stuff like sounds and voices from what i hear from my moms friend.

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