Dream Of The Woman In A White Flowing Gown

May 9, 2011

When our kids were little we lived in 100 year old house in Covington, Kentucky. This house had once been divided into a duplex but was now a single family dwelling with a staircase that branched off into two directions. The staircase was quite ornate and the focal point of the entryway to the house.
Along with a creepy attic and a downright spooky basement, the house had many other weird features that I won’t describe. I was a young mom with 3 pre-school aged kids and my husband traveled overnight a good bit, so I had to work hard to keep my imagination from getting the best of me.
Our dog, upon occasion for no apparent reason, would freak out and start barking frantically at random objects on the wall. She’d be fine with them most of the time but suddenly she’d growl and bark for many minutes before leaving the room in fear. It didn’t help my over-active imagination in the least.
During the 3 years that we lived there, I had this recurring dream about once a week. In the dream I would be walking down the staircase, sometimes alone, sometimes carrying the baby, and I would look up to see a woman with long hair dressed in a white flowing gown floating right at my eye level next to the staircase. We would stare at one another and I would be too frightened to scream or talk. Eventually I would wake up and every time I KNEW that if I opened my eyes I would see her next to my bed. I was always too afraid to open my eyes.
We moved across the country and I’ve always thought about that dream and that spooky house when people told ghost stories. But I never shared it. Then one night I was driving my 13 year old son home from a track meet and we started telling spooky stories. I started to tell him about my dream on the stairs and he interrupted me and described the rest of MY dream for me. We both had the chills when he said, “Mom, I had that dream all the time when we lived in that house too.” He had been four years old at the time.
I’ve never been back to that area and probably never will, but I’ve always wondered if other residents of that house saw that woman in their dreams. If I ever get a chance to spend the night there again, I will open my eyes.

My husband insists that I point out that I am in fact MRS. Sanctimonious, as he would never have such a dream, much less tell anybody about it.

– Posted by Sanctimonious; Fark


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