Chinese Restaurant

May 9, 2011

Not necessarily scary, but freaky.

My mother-in-law is big into psychics and what not so my wife got her a seance type reading for her birthday last year. So on the way to the place they drive by a chinese restaurant that they have not had for a while but want to go to soon…more on that later.

So they get to the reading and the lights are low and the lady makes it known that my mothers family is in the room. She is talking in the voices and saying things how the deceased would say them. Talking about old stuff they did back in the 50’s about eating circus peanuts while watching some obscure tv show and what not. Stuff the hired seance lady would have no way of knowing. She told us that they like my sister-in-law’s boyfriend *** and that he is very funny. (he is very funny) They like my artwork. They say that my wife will get pregnant and have a girl. My wife did get pregnant and now we have a girl. They said that they should go eat at that Chinese restaurant they were talking about on the drive over. All weird stuff that this lady could not have known. My wife got touched on the shoulder and the room got cold. Just weird sh*t. Stuff about how my wife’s grandpa has been acting odd and that they don’t approve of his behavior and he will have to answer to them on the other side. They said there is no hell.

It really makes me think there is something more to this life after we die..I know Fark hates that sh*t, but I’m a believer. There is no way this lady could have learned all this stuff on her own. There were spirits there.

So after ward, we went to the chinese restaurant they told us to go to and we discussed it all. It was pretty cool.

– Posted by busy chillin’; Fark


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