May 9, 2011

Here’s a few stories…

A friend of mine who is also a nurse used to work in hospice. She told me about a patient that she cared for that was a very mean individual who was hateful to her family as well as the nurses who cared for her. As this woman was dying, she became very afraid and started yelling that she was burning! She screamed & wailed about burning right up until she died.

I used to work in an old hospital built in the 1930’s. I worked on a med-surg unit. In room 7, the beds used to raise up & down by themselves. We called maintenance, who checked the beds out & said they were fine. While the beds were in the hall, they didn’t move. Once they went back into room 7, they started moving again.

Our old facility has closed down and we have since moved into a new hospital. There is some rumor that the land was once a cemetary. The night before we moved into the new hospital, the fire alarms went off & it was discovered that the burners were turned on in the kitchen. No one had been in the kitchen that day. The first week of staying at the hospital, one patient said her window kept swinging open. The handle to open the window is difficult to turn & the patient was unable to get out of bed. There is a pet Cemetary nearby. Several patients have reported seeing cats & dogs in their rooms. Even my grandfather stayed there for a week & kept saying there was a big yellow cat in the corner.

– Posted by nurseklw72; Allnurses


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