Almost Always Be Talking About Members Of The Family

May 9, 2011

About 10 years ago I had a friend who insisted that his house was haunted. His whole family had terrifying experiences in the house. Most of the occurrences happened in and around the basement which was only half constructed. By half constructed I mean that half of the basement was concrete and the other half was a dirt access crawlspace about 3 feet deep separated by a 3×4 piece of insulating wall that could be removed to get to the crawlspace.

The father described hearing low whispering voices coming from the crawlspace. They would almost always be talking about members of the family. He was convinced they were plotting to manipulate his teenage children. On several occasions he said he would see or hear his children walk down into the basement when they were not home. The most terrifying experience he had was seeing an apparition of his daughter or son crumpled up at the bottom of the stairs after hearing a crash.

The father later died in the house (heart attack) and the mother moved out to live with a new boyfriend. My friend and his sister were just out of high school at the time and his basement became a fairly safe place to hang out and smoke interesting things. His sister claimed that the doll heads on her old toys would turn to face the stairs (they were sitting in a pile in the corner of the basement).

I had never witnessed anything unusual so I really didn’t believe all of their stories and I still think they were the result of overactive imaginations and chemical enhancement (it was 420 friendly even when the parents lived there). However, I was driving my friend home one night. When we pulled into the driveway we discovered that the kitchen light had been left on. The house had a large front window and you could see the basement door and kitchen from the driveway. We both saw what appeared to be a large black mass move from the open basement door to the far side of the kitchen and back again. We sat in the car while my friend kept repeating loudly “I’m not going in there…I’m not going in there”. After about 40 seconds of watching whatever it was I offered to go inside with him to check it out. We entered through the garage so we lost sight of the black mass as we entered the kitchen. We discovered that the basement door was closed when we entered the house and searched around for a while to make sure no one had broken in. To this day I have no explanation for what we saw. I don’t really believe in ghosts and don’t consider the experience evidence of their existence but it was unusual.

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