A Wall Of Flame

May 9, 2011

This story was related to me by both of my parents. My mother was pregnant with me and they had both recently relocated to NYC after my father separated from the military. Since my mother had never been to NYC, she stayed with my grandparents while my father scouted for apartments. After days and probably weeks of hunting for the ideal place, he finds it. Good number of bedrooms, the rent was right, nice area, everything.
He gets my mother and brings her to the apartment to check it out. They go to the sixth floor, the landlord opens the door, and my mom jumps back and turns to leave as soon as the doors open. When my father asked her what was wrong, she said that all she saw was a wall of flame and that there was no WAY she was living there. My father tried to talk her into it, but it wasn’t working. A week later, he drove by the apartment on his way to his brother’s house. The apartment was completely burned out.

– Posted by Samsondaler Too; Fark


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