A Female Form Pulling Our Blankets Up To Cover Us

May 9, 2011

I have two stories for you. The first was before I did my training as a nurse and was busy with my National Service. (Compulsary Army Training for all white South African males at that time)I was called up as a medic and worked in the old wing of a provincial hospital. We use to be rostered to work ambulance call for a 24 hour period and use to sleep in an old “ward” in the hospital. I, and other medics, would wake up to find a female form pulling our blankets up to cover us completely. On investigation we found out that this particular room had been used for terminal care and that one of the nurses had killed herself in the room after loosing a patient. She was reported to still cover up “bodies” up until the new wing of the hospital opened and the army took over the old wing. She never hurt anyone but any new medic would get a hugh fright his first shift.

The second story happened towards the middle of last year. One of the residents I look after at the Frail Care Unit I work at passed away during the day. The normal policy is that once the body has been collected by the undertakers the room is locked and the key stored in the schedule cupboard to prevent theft of the residents personel effects until the family can collect them. This lady had been rather a cantancerous old dear (And her family agreed). Every time I walked passed her door that night and every night after that the door would rattle as if someone was shaking it from the inside. It got so bad that I got the key and openned the room to check if the day staff had maybe left a window open that could have caused the rattle, but no they were all closed. The carers that worked with me also experienced it and refuse to walk past the door alone. It stopped the day of the funeral.

– Posted by Apeman; NursingVoices


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