When a Patient Has Told Me They Were Going To Die…

May 8, 2011

While working the night shift in our ICU/CCU we had several patients die in Rm. 11 in the past week. This night, the room was empty, the glass door was closed, and the ICU was quiet. Suddenly the call light for Rm. 11 started going off and then the light came on over the bed. I looked at the Montior Tech , she looked at me, and then we both shivered. Why was the call light  going off in an empty room and how did the light turn on by itself???
Definitely spooky!! After that , we called it the haunted room for several years.

There have been many times over the years when a patient has told me they were going to die, or that a dead family member was there to get them, and then quickly died. This does not seem spooky, it just makes you realize that people often know they are about to die and we should listen to them.Often they are not afraid. These “visitors” seem to be a calming presence.

I had one elderly woman ,who was doing well post AMI, tell me she was not going to make it. I told her she was doing fine at the moment and asked her what made her feel that way. She said that the angels were coming for her and then she immediately went asystole. We were not able to resuscitate her. That is the quickest I have had someone die after telling me they were going to.

– Posted by RLS; Allnurses


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