Toddler On a Tricycle

May 8, 2011

I’ve worked in several nursing homes since 1997, so I’ve had plenty of run-ins with restless spirits.

At this one nursing home, there were three different wings. North, East and West. West wing was the “heavy” hall. Mostly tube-feeders and total care. East was the Medicare/short-term rehab wing. Then there was North. North had a pretty ecclectic mix of patients of differing levels of acuity. There was a short hall and a long hall. However, to the back of North wing, there was a long hall that had about ten private rooms, a day room on one end and a small dining room on the other end. The residents back on this hall (called 400 hall) were all ambulatory and even a few “wanderers”.

Now, I generally worked from 3-11, but on this particular night, the 11-7 girl was sick so I was asked to stay. As I was off the next night, I agreed. Since I was working a double, I was given the assignment on 400 hall. It was an easy assignment as most of the residents were continent and the few that weren’t were really light weight.

Anyhow, I was sitting in the dining room with the lights off, charting by the dimmed hall lights when I caught something out of the corner of my eye moving down the hall. Thinking it was one of my “wanderers”, I looked up and saw what to this day I still believe was a toddler on a tricycle.

Let me tell you now, I lost it. The ADL book went flying and I skittered up the short hallway to the nurse’s station. I relayed my story to the charge nurse and she just sort of chuckled at my expression and explained that one of the residents that had passed away years ago had a grandson that was killed by the back tires of her car. He was in the driveway and she didn’t see him and backed right over him. The night the lady died, she was calling out “Tyler, oh my baby Tyler. Nana’s coming.”. Then she passed.

Everyone has come to the conclusion that the toddler on the tricycle still haunts that hall, looking for his grandma.

Either way, I never worked another 11-7 on 400 hall.

– Posted by dragonsfancy; Allnurses


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