Just As The Baby Was Being Born The Patient Gasped And Turned Her Head

May 8, 2011

I had a pt in the delivery room one day. She was crowning and pushing as hard as she can, grunting with the effort. The doctor, the resident and myself were all giving her encouragement. She was pushing like a trooper! Just as the baby was being born the pt gasped and turned her head to the left toward the open scrub room door. She just stared in that direction. (I thought she had a stroke) When I asked her what was wrong she said “Tim” (don’t remember the actual name) was standing in the door way. I looked over and did not see a thing. She was so intent on “tim” she did not even ask if it was a boy or girl!

After the delivery was completed we went to the recovery room. All the family came in to see Mom and the new baby. All the Pt could talk about was seeing “Tim”. She described to them what he was wearing. I aked the family who Tim was and they said it was her brother who died 6 months before!
I had goosebumps twice that day. Once when the pt said someone was standing in the doorway. And again when I found out who that someone was! In all my years in nursing that was the spookiest thing to happen. But in a way it is comforting to know that those that have passed on, do know what is going on in our lives.
– Posted by Laurajnh; Allnurses

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