May 8, 2011

I am not a nurse yet, but have worked in health care for a number of years. I worked with mentally and physically disabled people in a residential setting which is privately owned.
Each house had up to 14 residents. The house I worked at lost a resident to heart failure the year prior. I worked the evening shift. Near the end of my shift, Relli (co-worker) and I were cleaning up and getting food out for the meals the next day. All the residents were in bed. I heard knocking on one of the bathroom doors down the west hall, in view of the kitchen. Relli stayed in the kitchen while I went to investigate, no one was near or in the bathroom and as I stood there, there was knocking. Talk about hair raising. Well I ran back to the kitchen and saw RElli pointing with surprise down to the end of the hall I was just in. There, at the fire door stood a man in a plaid shirt, dark rimmed glasses and blue pants. He waved. I knew he was not a resident of this house and called out to him. There was no light on in the hall, but we could tell what this man looked like as there was some light from the kitchen and the exit sign….I reluctantly walked down the hall and flipped on the light…as the light came on, the man disappeared….I thought I was crazy but Relli saw it too…we told the night shift about it and Juanita laughed and said “Come here honey, I wanna show you somethin,” she was a bubbly woman. She pulled out a scrap book and pointed out a man, the man I saw in the hall…”Is this the guy?” I said “yes how did you know?” She chuckled and said “That’s Henry. He likes to say hi to new people…he isn’t harmful, he died last year and his room was down there..”

– Posted by Inkleberry; Allnurses


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