Heard A Woman Crying Miserably

May 8, 2011

I used to work recovery room at night. On slow nights, I would often be alone in there several hours since housekeeping didn’t come in til after midnight.
I was doing stats and charges at the computer one evening, and heard a woman crying miserably. Since the PACU was in a back hallway not on the main drag, I thought maybe someone who was upset had found their way back there to grieve alone over something. I got up to find this person and see if I could help in some way, but there was no one there. No one outside the doors, no one in the preop holding area, no one in the hallways, no one in the closed pain clinic which was just off the recovery room area. Yet I plainly kept hearing her cry, seemingly just around the corner from me, but loudest near where I’d been sitting. Finally, it stopped.
It wasn’t really scary, just sad. But I still went and hung out with the night crew in the OR for the rest of the shift in their lounge.

– Posted by MultipurposeRN; Allnurses


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