Elvis Presley’s Other Piano

May 8, 2011

Fast forward many years. I’ve met my wife, she’s helped me get out of
$cientology, and we’re driving through Tennessee and our kids insist on
stopping at Graceland. I have a little freak-out (dumb to do it but I
did) thinking what if Priscilla or Lisa are around and we run into

Of course, we didn’t but as we’re walking past a room downstairs my
then seven year-old son sees a white piano off to the side and says
with some upset: “Where’s the other one?”

“Other what?”

“Other piano. There was another piano there!”

I told him I didn’t know. He’d never seen anything on TV about the
place or read anything about it. Some other strange stuff happened that
day, too, all of which I wrote about in a chapter in a book.

When we’re back in Los Angeles, I write Priscilla and ask her about the
“other piano” and tell her some things my son said and did.

No reply. Nothing.

A month later, I just “happened” to open up a People magazine, which I
usually never read.

There’s a picture on one page of one of Elvis’ former piano, the “other
one” from that room. Priscilla had just sold it.

Priscilla can’t handle certain things, apparently.

– Posted by Skipper; Alt.Religion.Scientology


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