Broomstick Sized Legs

May 8, 2011

When I was 6, we had just moved into a new house. I didn’t like to sleep with the door closed and my bed wasn’t set up yet. I slept on the floor with a lot of blankets facing the doorway which intersected with the hallway. On the opposite side was my parents room. They left their door cracked, to give me some added security. At the end of the hallway (left, in my field of vision) was a closet.

I started to hear whispering and mumbles. It got louder and louder, I started to freak out, I thought it might be my parents but I could hear my dad snoring. Then I could hear something scratching on the inside of the closet door. I went totally numb, cold sweat, eyes huge and shaking. Then the door flies open, I had the blankets wrapped around my face so I didn’t have peripheral vision. I saw 2 giant feet with broomstick sized legs bolt down the hallway.

The legs and feet were shadowy and dark, there were a couple crashes in the hallway and a thud against the opposite wall. My parents light came on, they came in and turned on the light in my room to find me in the fetal position totally wrapped up like a burrito in my blankets. Some newly hung pictures (3) were on the floor of the hallway, 2 of them had broken, there were some glass shards on the floor. At the other end of the hallway, there was a fist sized hole in the wall.

– Posted by zyclonis ; Reddit


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