Windows and Showers

May 7, 2011

I’m doing my final consolidation in a psych hosp, and most nurses on the floor have at least one story that leads them to believe the floor we work on is haunted.

once, two nurses were on either end of the ward, trying to close windows…they’d close one, go to the next, close it, and the first windows would open again by itself. Finally, they both ran out of the rooms they were in, only to discover the other nurse doing the same.

two nurses have had their hair flipped when no one was around, when they were sitting seclusion.

One nurse once felt something wet drip onto her hand when sitting seclusion. she looked, was something red, she wiped it off. Looked up, nothing on ceiling..that was it

a nurse (one of the one’s the window thing happened to, and had her hair flipped) was doing rounds at the beginning of the shift. the shower room door was closed, but she heard shower running. She went, asked coworkers who was in shower..no one knew, didn’t think anyone was. So she went to shower room, went to open door..it was locked, she could still hear shower going. She freaked a bit, thinking pt had been locked in. Unlocked door, opened it..and the shower stopped.

same nurse, was sitting seclusion, could hear the door handle of the locked solarium rattling like someone was trying to open it..is a lever type handle, the sound was it going up and down over and over. In the morning, she went in there, she had opened the window of the staff smoking room in there to air it out, she thought maybe the wind had done it. The window was closed when she checked. No one had closed it.

last night, same nurse and another went down to solarium, passed by male bathroom. no one in there, all pts were in bed. they got their smokes from the solarium, no more than 10, 15 secs later, walked back past male bathroom, tap was running. She had earlier turned off same tap, thinking someone had left it running.

same nurse was once doing rounds, heard someone whisper loudly “FIRE!” in her ear. No one around.

last night, another nurse was in staff room alone, heard very distinct ‘CLICK CLICK’ coming from the bathroom..few mins later, when she told us, another nurse was testing out sounds, trying to figure out what it was. The nurse who heard it said it sounded most like the door handle going up and down.

That’s all i can think of for now…I work again tonight, so if i get more, i’ll let you all know.

– Posted by sav; Reddit

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