Walk Side By Side

May 7, 2011

I spent two weeks on Stag Island (Really tiny island in the river between USA & Canada) a few months ago with my cousin and a few of her friends. The whole island has a good bit of history- lots of shipwrecks surrounding it (mostly old tankers that were purposefully sank when they were decommissioned), and Al Capone had owned a beach house a few doors down. Apparently a lady had hung herself from the balcony of another beach house nearby, though not the one we were staying in. I don’t know any of the history behind the place we stayed in.

In the beach house in which we were staying, odd things would happen upstairs. We would often smell a strong odour of cigar smoke up there, though nobody was smoking or even had any cigars. There was no smoke, just the strong scent. I went to be with the windows closed, and when i woke up, they were open. Every night. The strangest thing was one night before I went to bed, I was sitting on the edge of the bed taking my shoes & socks off, and I heard a voice say “Walk side by side.” It wasn’t like a whisper or some garbled shit you hear on those hokey ghost hunter shows. I heard that shit plain as day. As if there were someone sitting right next to me.

The whole house gave off an odd vibe. Strangely, it wasn’t bad. It felt very warm and inviting, and we were all very comfortable sleeping there. The voice I heard felt almost fatherly, and it didn’t frighten me in the least. I certainly acknowledged that it was creepy, but I wasn’t shaken by it. The whole place felt like you had someone watching over you (in a good way).

– Posted by snorch ; Reddit

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