The Call Lights Stopped

May 7, 2011

I was working in a LTC night shift and would always have this one lady come talk to me during the night she would sit in her w/c at the nurses desk never bothering anyone she couldnt sleep and didnt want to be in the room alone. I got to know Mary very well she was dying with diabetes and kidney failure. A few months passed and she devolped sores on the lower half of her legs and refused to amputate them stated she knew she was dying and was ready Her and I would joke that it wasnt going to be on my shift I wouldnt allow it.

I had gotten to know Marys family as well as they were coming and going most the time. After one bad night she sat up in bed looked at me and was comenting about the red aura i had around me also about the lady that was standing right behind me. I had my back next to the wall and can say no one was there but she had also told her daughter that I was the twin of her that had died at birth. I became part of her family that night

About 3 weeks later I had just gotten back to work after being gone 4 days I walked in Mary’s room and she lay there dying and hadnt been awake for 2 days My adopted sister had stated that she was waiting for me to get back to work to pass on I went into the room and said my goodbyes and told her again that she couldnt go on my shift But we had talked during the long nights that when she did pass she was going to send me a signal to let me know she had gotten there and that everything would be allright it was kinda like a night time joke for us. Later on that same shift myself and the aides were sitting down and talking when a call light went off in a room down a empty hall we went to go there ( spooky at night there was 5 of us total ) and no light was showing but it was still going off all of us looked at each other as we left the room i sent 2 aides down one hall to do a check the other 2 went down another hall . They came back to get me saying that mary was gone when i heard this the call lights stopped i was crying and laughing at the same time i was sadden about her passing but in my own werid way I think the call light was her sayingthat she was where shes suppose to be and it was going to be alright seems like Mary kept her promise

– Posted by showmegirl; Allnurses

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