Mist Formed Into A Figure Of a Nun

May 7, 2011

My friend an RT told me she had this room her and another RT would rest during their break late at night.. The male RT, Donald, was sitting across a table from her with his head resting on his folded arm leaning on the table and facing the door. The room was pretty dark and my friend Karen was reading when she noticed a mist forming by the door. Before she could react the mist formed into a figure of a nurse or nun looking person in white with a long shawl over her head. The apparition stood inside the room just looking at Karen and smiling. Karen noticed she ended at the waist, no legs or pelvis was visible. Karen was terrified and in a soft voice she called out to the other RT, “Donald?” and a little louder she called to wake him again, “Donald?”.

With out lifting his head he spoke up” I see her too Karen.”

The ghost faded away after a few moments and both agreed on what they had seen.

– Posted by LT Dave; Allnurses

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