May 7, 2011

The first place I workd as an aide had been the county “poor house” so a couple hundred years of living and dying happened there. The old home is now the historical society and is open to the public. There is one building that has the name of the assylum. Our county disaster services agency had stuff stored there and I belonged to that unit. I hated going in there anywhere near dark because you could feel the confusion, hate, anger and even in the light you can SEE shadows of things that aren’t there. The “new home” was built and all were moved just down the road back in 1976. I started working there as an aide when I turned 18 and even though I’ve left there several times I still work there as the Restorative RN now. When I first worked there; There was a LPN (grandfathered from an aide, yes they did that not so long ago.) that had the best stories. Some of the things she said would curl your hair. But I always thought they were just that. stories! Boy was I wrong. Even though the home was newly built and on farmland all of the residents and I think probably some of the energy moved with them.

The wierdest things happened. One night I was working on one section and one of our residents died. A friend and I were cleaning him up to prepare him for the funeral home and the light above the sink started turning itself off and on. Not only did the light turn off and on but the switch moved. Man did I get out of that room as fast as I could. Another nite I was on the other end and we had 3 gentlemen in the ward that had lost their legs and minds to untreated syphilis. Now note I said there minds were lost. A few rooms down a woman that we were expecting to die did so. At that very minute one of the men in the ward sat up starting talking perfect sense asked some questions and went back to sleep. Also the couple acrossed the hall had a clock radio that the alarm no long worked in but they always still listened to the radio. That same time that alarm went off and stayed on till we went to check Olive and found that she had passed. Those were the mild stories. I don’t know if I just wasn’t as sensitive then or if I ignored a lot but it stayed about that mild.

My grandmother lived in one of the old mansion homes in the area. She could also tell you tales that would curl your hair but I always took it with a grain of salt. But I have to admit you sensed a lot just being in the home. I went to work there as an RN charge nurse just before they built a new home on the same ground and when it was done they tore down the old mansion home. Well believe me those energies moved into the new building quicker than we could. Call lights turning off and on, lights etc., even keys locking themselves in locked rooms etc. (The new home was equipped with surveilance cameras and that’s how we found the keys.) Needless to say I started believing my grandmothers stories. There was a man in the old home that died before I worked there and after my grandmother died so I had never seen or heard of him before. I would see him EVERY nite walking down the hall from his room and when he’d cross the threshold to the dining room would step very high as if there were a large step there. It was driving me nuts so I finally asked some of the aides that had been there a long time and described him to them they said oh that just “flicky” he always did that. I sometimes believe they stayed there because they had no others in their lives. Most of them came from the state hospital that had closed and the staff was really their only family. There were several of them that I would see a lot doing just as they had done in life looking and acting in the same manner. Was it just energy or were we the only ones that were there for them in life so they stayed in death

– Posted by Rosie-; Allnurses


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