A Reflection In The Glass Of The Frame

May 7, 2011

I preface this with the acknowledgment that I do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal but still a strange experience.

3 years ago my wife and I were on vacation in a small mountain town in Colorado. Our hotel was a very old building that had been restored years ago and converted into a 10 room boutique motel. The very narrow hallway was covered in old photographs of the town taken at least 100 years ago. I have an interest in old photography, so we were working our way down the hall while examining every picture on the walls. At one point I am standing a couple feet in front of an old photo taken in the 1800’s and we were talking about the detail in the photo. About that time, I see a reflection in the glass of the frame. While not paying much attention, I can see in the reflection, an older women in a very old looking purple dress walking down the hallway coming from behind me on the left. She is going to pass behind me as she walks by, heading for the stairs that lead to the main floor. Not really paying much attention to her, I take a half step towards the photo, in order to allow her room behind me to walk by. But as she passes directly behind me, I become very aware that there is some thing different about her. So I immediately spin around to get a better look. But there was no-one there. The hall was empty and no doors with 20 feet of us on either side. I immediately ask my wife if she saw her but she says there was nobody in the hallway the entire time we were there. It was a very strange experience. I have no idea what the hell I saw, only that I saw somebody and that person was clearly not there.

Upon checkout, i mentioned my experience to the girl at the front desk. Amazingly she was not surprised at all and mentioned my experience had been reported by other guests throughout the years. I left completely baffled by the entire experience. To this day, I have no explanation.

– Posted by Unknown; Reddit


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