May 6, 2011

Ghost stories – when I was a student working on a male medical ward one night with my mate (also a 2nd yr student). The auxillary and staff nurse both left the ward together for their break leaving us two in charge ! (the done thing some years ago). Suddenly a man in one of the beds sat bolt upright and said “Who are all those soldiers?” A guy in the bed opposite awoke and commented that he could not see their feet. My pal and I tried to calm them down, telling them it was probably the side effects of their tablets! When the staff returned, we told them the patients had seen something on the ward, but did not say what. The auxillary then went pale and said it must be their anniversary again.She told us the hospital use to be a millitary hospital during the war, but the floor was 12 inches lower and every year a troup of ghost soldiers walk down the ward with their feet on the orriginal floor so you never see their boots! Exit 2 student nurses!

– Posted bySister Jan ; Allnurses


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