Granny Said She Was Okay

May 5, 2011
nother story. My brother Mike was 16 and had an AVM (in the brain) and had had a bleed. He had surgery and survived. Anyway, about 3 days after surgery, he woke up and said he had talked to Granny (who died 3 years earlier) and to Jeffrey (my other brother who had died 19 years earlier from a blown aneursym from an AVM). Mike’s first words were Granny said she was okay and she was sorry for being so mean at the end. (She had dementia and was in a lot of pain before she died and was very verbally and physiclaly abusive to all). He also said Jeffrey said to tell Mom that he was okay and that he did not suffer and had no pain. Jeffrey also said that Curtis (my other brother) was okay and had nothing bad in his head like he did. Well, this really shook my mom up. About 2 or 3 months after that, Mike went to see his neuorlogist for a followup and stopped by ICU to see the nurses and ran into one of the surgical nurses who was in the OR during his operation. she was surprised to see him and said how he was very lucky. during surgery, his heart stopped beating twice and the surgeon said if it happened a third time, they woudl let him go.
– Posted by micco; Allnurses

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