Under The Wall Sconce

May 4, 2011
I was sitting in the house alone waiting to leave to catch the bus to school. I was sitting in front of the TV in my dad’s chair. There was one light on behind me. It was a wall sconce. It was taller than me. As I waited I looked into the tv screen and I saw a black hooded figure standing under the wall sconce. I turned around and saw nothing under the light. When I turned around again and looked into the tv screen again the figure was there. I felt like it was looking at me . I was alone so I quietly picked up my stuff and walked out the door. I never told my family about this. Years later I heard my brother scream out in the night and run downstairs. The next day he said he was awakened by something shaking his bed. He said when he opened his eyes something white was trying to form in front of him. He ran downstairs and sat in the same room I had my sighting. He said it had followed him and was once again trying to form. He went to my parents room and my Mom who told him to pray. He did and no longer saw it. Funny thing is it was forming under the same wall sconce I saw the dark figure. I have to believe after seeing that.
– Posted by Zenobia; Lipstickalley

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