Two Old Men Chatting

May 4, 2011

Years ago — and this will age me — I worked at the old Peter Bent Brigham hospital. We’d just moved into our brand new tower, and the old hospital was scheduled for demolition. Several coworkers wanted to walk through the old unit one last time . . . . As we walked past what had once been the large men’s ward, we saw a couple of figures in what should have been a completely empty ward. One of my coworkers peeked in to investigate and immediately backed out, face as white as a blank order sheet. Of course I was curious then, so looked in myself. All I saw was two older men sitting on an OLD bed, chatting. My coworker explained : that was Billy and Larry (or Moe and Joe — I’ve forgotten the names) They were frequent fliers in the ward. Both were royal pains in the patoot when they were alive — which they weren’t anymore. She said they’d been rumored to still be hanging around, but no one had actually SEEN them before!

– Posted by Ruby Vee; Allnurses


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