And He Continued To Look At Me Holding The Knife

May 4, 2011

When I was at my first year of college I dated a guy in my hometown, about 45 minutes away from my school. He lived with his dad and dog and I would often stay at his house over the weekends. This guy had already shared some pretty strange stories with me, some that we could attribute to his sleep paralysis, but I was somewhat skeptical of anything being truly paranormal. I’ll share a few of my stories here.

One night we both woke up to noises downstairs. It had sounded like someone coming in the squeaky back screen door. The dog was going mad, barking at the closed bedroom door. My bf grabbed a gun he kept by the bed and went downstairs to investigate. We seriously thought someone was breaking in and could hear them walking downstairs. After a few minutes he came back upstairs and said no one was there and the back door was closed. We both went to check things out a little further and there was no sign of an attempted break in and the doors were all locked. The next day we asked his dad if he had been up in the middle of the night and he hadn’t nor had he heard anything.

On another occasion we both woke up again but to something else. It felt like we were in an earthquake. Or what I imagine an earthquake to feel like. I don’t know because we live in Kansas. The dog was once again barking and growling at the door. My bf and I look at each other totally petrified and still feeling shaking and tremors, fully awake. We look at the door and there’s a green light coming under the door. It looked as if the hall light was replaced with a dim green party light. I can’t remember if he got up to investigate or not, but I’m sure I just hid under the covers. The next morning the hall light had a normal bulb and we asked his dad if he experienced anything strange or felt an earthquake and he said he didn’t. I know there are fault lines in the area and it’s not totally impossible to experience an earthquake around here but there were no reports in the news about a quake. I’m pretty sure the shaking wasn’t caused by a truck going by because his house wasn’t near any man roads where big trucks would travel.

Later, he moved into a duplex with a roommate. I had gone to his place for a visit and rang the doorbell. His roommate came to the door and peeked out the curtain. I could see he was holding a kitchen knife. He just stared at me like he didn’t recognize me. He finally opened the door, I hesitated to come in and he continued to look at me holding the knife. He lowered it and turned and went to his room upstairs. I went into my bf’s room and asked him wtf was up with the roommate. My bf said that the doorbell has been ringing on its own, over and over. Whenever they go to answer it no one is there.

There are so many other little things that happened while I dated this guy and we’ve kept in touch. I wouldn’t believe them if I hadn’t experienced things myself. He still experiences things and we think he somehow brings these them on because they seem to follow him wherever he lives. Maybe it has to do with his heritage or something his father experienced when he was young.

His dad told me this story: He and his buddies decided to go to a very notoriously haunted cemetery in the area. They dared him to enter the old church/house and walk down the basement stairs. My bf’s dad said that he descended the stairs into complete darkness and it smelled horrible. He then heard his dead grandmother call him by his family nickname and tell him to turn around and leave.

– Posted by jplanet; Reddit


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