May 3, 2011

Here is something that happened to me in high school. I was a freshman geek and one of my D&D friends got a Ouija board for his 15th birthday. We decided to play around with it Of course we pushed the planchette across the board in response to our goofy questions such as “Will Robbie ever get laid?” and other such things. This was all taking place at a guy named Steve’s house. Now Steve had this jock older brother who was exactly like the Bill Paxton character in Weird Science; loud, abusive and thought he was funny. So at the tail end of our goof session he comes home and starts fake-acting that Ouija’s are real and how he needs some spirit advice. Everyone of us could tell he was trying to pull a prank on us. He asked a spirit to let us know if it was there and pushed the planchette around to spell out answers. He was better, we thought, at moving the thing around the table without being obvious about it. He started to act a little freaked out, then jumped up from the table to leave, telling us we were “fags” to believe in ghosts. The four of us sat in silence as we watched the planchette begin to tremble slightly. We leaned forward and put our hands on the planchette. The first question was “Are you a spirit?” The thing rocketed to the “yes” section of the board.” We asked “are you a bad spirit?” It raced across the table like it was scribbling until it went off the board where it froze like it had hit an invisible wall. We sat and waited. We asked it the question again. This time the planchette scooted over the alphabet to spell out the word “maybe.” We asked it a third time whether it was an evil spirit. This time it didn’t move, but merely rested atop the alphabet section of the board. . Seconds ticked by. The silence was broken by a loud thump upstairs, like a piece of furniture had been turned over. Steve calls out to his brother. There’s no answer. Steve decides to check on his brother. We are totally freaked out because we know this guy is probably waiting to jump out of a doorway and scare us shitless. Turning the corner to his room we see a light turning on and off in kind of a rhythmic fashion. Very quickly I realize that the light is not turning on and off, that something is swinging in front of it. Steve creaks the door open and was all see the same thing; Steve’s brother, a belt around his neck, hanging from a beam in the ceiling. His neck was broken. Steve starts hysterically crying and we all try to get the body down. Somebody yells out “call 911.” I rush down to get the cordless phone and see it on the table where we were playing. That’s when I spotted it; the planchette on the the ouija board. It had answered our question of whether it was an evil spirit. It rested on the word “yes.”

Added: The thump was the chair he kicked over to hang himself.

tl:dr – Kids ask a ouija board if t is evil and it kills one of their brothers.

– Posted by OpieCunningham; Reddit.


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