Woman In a Pink Top

May 3, 2011

This one goes back to when I worked in a funeral home. I wrote an IAMA from a while back.

I used to pick up bodies. If your loved one is elderly, with failing health, doctors will deem the death “natural causes”. No reason to get the Coroner involved, or have an autopsy done.
My partner and I went into the house, with our gurney, ready to extract the body. We got out our white sheet, and were wrapping up the body, and I had to lean over the body to wrap it up completely. As I did so, I had put pressure on her chest, while my ear was next to her head, I felt her last breath pressed from her lungs.

Later in my life, I worked in a totally unrelated field — Team Management.

I used to work in the oldest cement structure in the United States. This building had seen its share of good and bad; it was widely known that murders, suicides, and killings have been committed over the years.

I was working in my office with my partner. (We’re on the second floor, because back in the day the water was known to flood the first floor) and I heard a knock on the front door. It’s locked to the outside, so random people don’t come wandering in. My partner and I turned around, I saw a woman in a pink top, with blonde hair starting to walk around the terrace to the back of the building. There are only two stairways off the terrace. I told my partner to watch the back exit, and I had gone to the front door. As I arrived at the front door, I caught the scent of perfume. I looked everywhere, and walked around and met my partner in the middle.
Unless she had jumped off the terrace, I have no explanation of what happened to her.

– Posted by Security_Gate ; Reddit.


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