The Clock Stayed That Way For One Year

May 3, 2011

My grandfather passed away in May of 06. I think it was 04, I’m having a hard time remembering. He passed away at exactly 4:11 pm. He was an avid woodworker late in his life, and made all the clocks in his house, and some furniture for himself and my grandmother, and the rest of our family. The day he died, his whole extended family that lived in the area was called to his house to hear the news in person, and we had a big celebration of his life. Something I remember distinctly, though, was that one of the clocks he had made, the one facing directly towards the chair he used to sit in, stopped at EXACTLY 4:11pm that day. My grandmother was in no physical shape to be able to reach the clock and get it down, and she had about 3 others in the same room that worked fine, so no one bothered. The clock stayed that way for one year. Exactly one year. On the one year anniversary of his death, my family – along with my mom’s sister’s and brother’s families – came over to eat dinner and spend time with my Grandmother, so she wouldn’t feel depressed. My grandmother is one of those old people who eats dinner at 2:00 every day, so we were over there from about noon until sunset. When we got there, the clock was still dead. By the time we had finished dinner, and were sitting around talking, it was about 5:30. The clock showed perfect time. It was perfectly keeping time with the other clocks in the room. No one had touched it, we were all eating in the room with the clock, and I wasn’t out of the room long enough to have missed someone taking the clock down and replacing it’s batteries, or whatever. The clock had to start up exactly the time it had been frozen on for a year.

tl;dr – Grandfather makes clock, clock stops the exact minute he dies, starts back up at the exact 1 year anniversary of his death, to the minute.

Edit: I don’t know the exact time he passed, it was around 4:15 but not exactly. I just used 4:11 as a placeholder.

 – Posted by MaximumAbsorbency; Reddit.


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