May 3, 2011

I have never been a firm unbeliever of supernatural things but I had a somewhat similar experience to yours. I moved into this house with a couple of guys, one I knew really well (we worked together) and the other I had never met (I’ll refer to him as Jack). I was willing to pay more in rent so I was given the large bedroom. The one that Jack was staying in but couldn’t really afford. I had weird things happening just inside that room, from the start. I was cheap back then and didn’t want to pay for cable so I had a standard antenna on my tv. The antenna would be moved every night. I would fall asleep to the tv on a local channel and wake up to static. This started to trip me out pretty bad so I decided just to try sleeping with the radio on, and once again, static when I woke up. After 2 weeks of this I just left everything off. Woke up early the next morning, nothing weird happened so I played some half life single player on my computer from about 5:30 am to 7. Decided to go back to sleep because I didn’t need to work til 2 that day. Save my game, hop in bed. Its light out by now so I throw my comforter over my head. The second I do that I hear my room mates voice (the one I do know) saying “hey dude”. I throw my covers off fully expecting him to be there. And he wasn’t. I get up to see who’s home and the house is empty, both of their cars are gone, and rooms are empty. I go back to bed, throw the covers over my head, now I hear jacks voice, saying random things about selling cars (he was a car salesman). It was actually the lingo they use in the business. I throw my covers off and just sit up this time, thinking to myself WTF is happening here. This next time I don’t throw the covers over my head I just turn on my side with my eyes open. The second I close them I hear what sounds like someone dragging their feet on the carpet. I open my eyes, it stops. Close my eyes again, and I hear it. Open them and it stops. This dragging feet sound is making its way around the bed to me. I repeat the opening and closing of my eye a few more times to where whatever this is is at the foot of the bed on the side I’m sleeping on. I look at my alarm clock its 7:12am. I do not know why I closed my eyes again but when I did I kept them closed for maybe 5 seconds. Listening to this sound get closer until its right there next to me. I attempt to open my eyes, and I can’t. I attempt to my hands, fingers, feet, legs. I can’t. Then I start to feel this pressure pushing down on me. It got to a point where I was having a hard time breathing. I started to panic and tryed to yell for help but I couldn’t, then I started to pray and as soon as I asked for protection I was able to move. I jump up out of bed not really knowing what to make of what just happened and glanced at my alarm clock it said 7:12am still. What made this even more freaky was when I got to work I was telling the room mate that I knew prior to moving in what happened. He said “real funny, jack told you what happened to me” That sent chills up my spine. The sequence of events happened almost the same for him but he heard jacks voice and the guy that was living there before I moved in. I still don’t fully know what to make of this and its been about 7 years now.

– Posted by hakzorz; Reddit.


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