I’ll Be Watching You

May 3, 2011

I had lots of weird stuff happen when I was growing up. The following three things are brief examples:

1) I was playing street hockey in my driveway with some friends. We were using a blue hockey ball, which is important only because it was the only blue hockey ball that we had. I took a shot at the goal (which was right in front of the garage door) from about 10 feet away, and the ball disappeared mid-flight. It didn’t fly off to one side or get lost in the bushes or anything – it freaking disappeared in midair in front of at least 4 witnesses. We made a cursory search of the area, but since it obviously didn’t hit the garage door or the goal or anything we just laughed it off and used a different ball.

Months later, I was home watching TV when I heard a scratching sound coming from behind some bookshelves that were across the room from me. We didn’t have any cats or anything that would have fit back behind the bookshelf, but it wasn’t a loud noise and I chalked it up to the bookshelf creaking under the weight of all the books or something. Anyway, about a minute after the scratching started, the blue hockey ball rolled out from behind the bookshelf, kind of like if a cat was playing with it. It was the only blue hockey ball we ever had, so it wasn’t like some other random ball magically ended up there or something.

2) I was home alone watching TV when I really felt that someone was in the house with we. Very much a “you ever get that feeling that you’re being watched?” kind of sensation. I knew I was alone, but couldn’t get rid of the feeling. I really felt like someone was behind me to my left side (there was a wall directly behind me, but a hallway behind me to my left) but I really, really didn’t want to look. It was a very odd sensation. I finally decide to look and sure enough there is the face of an older man (in his 60s) leaning out past the wall staring at me. It was a very black stare, and his mouth was kind of slack, but his jaw was kind of clenched at the same time. I leaped up and shouted and in the time it took me to spin around to face the guy, he disappeared. I went outside and waited for other family members to get home before I went back in.

The neat part about that event was that within a few months of it happening, I was awoken by the sounds of my younger brother acting very upset and my parents trying to calm him down. He had gone out and come home late (we were both teenagers at the time) after some sort of partying, and when he opened the front door he saw a man who he described much like the man I saw sitting in a chair in the dark of the living room waiting for him. He looked at my brother and said, “I’ll be watching you.” and disappeared. My brother freaked out and woke my parents up.

My paternal grandfather had died when I was about 5 and my brother was about 3, and neither of us remembers him well, but the man we both saw looked a lot like him. The chair my brother saw him sitting in is an antique that originally came from his house, as well.

3) I was up late one night in the summer watching TV (reading over this it looks like I watched a lot of TV growing up). I’ve always been a night person, so I would typically stay up late and watch the cheesy crap that was on cable. We had a dog who loved lying on the floor wedged up against the couch, kind of like a footrest. She was not much of a guard dog or anything, but would always wake up and bark if someone was at the door etc…

I had the back door open (it led out to a screened in porch) for some air and was basically just sitting there watching TV when I heard a noise. At first I thought it was a tractor trailer driving by, as we lived about a block in from a relatively main road and you would hear the occasional truck rumbling by, but the noise just seemed to get louder and louder. We lived in southern NJ and occasionally we would hear helicopter overflights from trainings etc… at McGuire AFB which was a ways away, and I thought that this was what may be happening, but the weird thing was that the dog would not wake up. I nudged her with my foot and she just lied there, obviously breathing, but sound asleep. By this point the noise is incredible, and I can’t hear the TV anymore. We had a little picture on a wobbly bookshelf nearby and it fell to the floor.

The noise was as loud as a helicopter right over the house, but it was not the same kind of noise; it was more like a throbbing hum. There was no wind or anything blowing around outside either. The dog wouldn’t wake up, and my family wasn’t waking up. At this point I’m pretty much freaking out and decide to make a run for my room, which was upstairs and down the end of the hall. I slammed the back door shut, but left the lights and TV on and ran upstairs, through the hall with everyone asleep right behind the doors, through my brother’s room (I had to go through his to get to mine) and into my room. My brother was as sound asleep as the dog was, and even now with the door closed and in a different part of the house, it sounded like something as loud as a helicopter right over the house. I turned on all of the lights in my room, pulled the cover over my head… and that’s it. I remember waking up the next day but have no memory of actually falling asleep, and I know I was wired as all hell from my sprint up the stairs and the general excitement etc… My mother mentioned that I had left the lights and TV on etc… so I know that that part at least happened. My best guess is that I was half asleep watching the TV and semi-dreamed, sleepwalked my way upstairs or something, but it’s a very clear, vivid memory to this day and we’re talking about something that happened over 20 years ago.

– Posted by DpThought0; Reddit.

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