Did The Girl Keep You Up?

May 3, 2011

About 14 years ago I was was in Ireland doing the college-dropout backpacker thing. I wound up happening upon a hostel just north of… Killarney?… that happened to be an old castle.

At the time I was a strict atheist and 100% stone sober.

Anywho. I was there with two fellows from Philadelphia whom I had met in Dublin, and there wasn’t much to do as the castle was rather removed from town, so we went to bed quite early. Perhaps 8 or so.

The first 30 minutes or so were restless, but at some point a vision of a girl entered my consciousness. I wasn’t dreaming. I can only assert this in the most severe terms. I was 1000% fully awake, and yet, with my eyes closed, I saw the distinct (if somewhat phantasmal) image of a girl staring at me. Fully animated, or at least as animated as a staring girl ought to be. Blinking, sometimes, the head shifting ever so slightly, but mostly just being stared at.

This was strange, of course, but I figured that it was just a trick of my mind, so I just tried to tinker with it. This psychological phenomenon. After a spell of consciously trying to move her, make her do something, to no avail, I decided that I just wanted her to go away. Of course, it wouldn’t. The more I wanted this image to go away, the more it wouldn’t. So I began to get concerned.

Without much thought, I opened my eyes.

Into my vision poured a kaleidescopic whirlwind of carnage. My entire field of vision was taken up with discarded arms, legs, heads in any manner of impossible destruction. Eyeless sockets, bloated tongues profanely spilling out of rotten cavities. And this whole mass of carnage was simply swirling about me in perfect 3 dimensional clarity.

I closed my eyes and once again saw the girl. Staring at me. Emotionless, but somehow vastly more sinister.

By this point, I am absolutely petrified, in the truest sense of the word. My left leg was so tense that I got a charlie horse. But I was too frightened to move to help work it out. All with this vision of the girl staring at me, and obviously completely incapable of opening my eyes to the horror outside.

This went on for roughly 12 hours. Cramping, motionless, cold, the staring girl completely omnipresent in my reality, unable to open my eyes, unable to move, completely unable to do anything but sit completely still and to hope for it to end.

At some point, my consciousness registered daylight. I steeled myself and opened my eyes and flew out of bed simultaneously. My two traveling partners were sitting on their respective cots, just staring dejectedly at the floor. I looked at them, they looked at me, and we just shook our heads.

The hostel owner, upon seeing us as we prepared to leave, said, “You boys look like shite. Did the girl keep you up?” and he just sorta giggled. We took a bus into town, and I made a bee-line back to Dublin. I spent the rest of the day just sitting in public places, enjoying being around people.

– Posted by [Since Deleted]; Reddit.


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